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NABJ-FAMU Releases Second Webcast

Watch the second webcast coming from NABJ-FAMU’s 2011 Multimedia Shortcourse, featuring news in and out of Tallahassee written, recorded, edited and produced by students from around the country. Read the rest of this page »


Tallahassee Remembers 9/11

The city of Tallahassee is remembering the 9/11 terrorist attacks in more ways than one. Story to come. Read the rest of this page »

FAMU Students Trade Books in “The Exchange”

Florida A&M students who believe the on-campus bookstore is overcharging for classroom material banded together Friday to trade used textbooks with other students.

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NABJ Short Course Launches First Webcast

Students in this year’s NABJ-FAMU Multimedia Short Course launched the first of three webcasts, featuring stories about unemployment in Florida and construction at Florida A&M University. See the video.

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Nole/Rattler Pride Contest

What local businesses are participating in the Nole/Rattler Pride Contest? Story to come. Read the rest of this page »

NABJ Short Course Begins

More than 30 students from universities around the country are working on newscasts and webcasts as part of the annual NABJ-FAMU Multimedia Short Course. Participants are learning the importance of becoming marketable, multimedia and multi-platform journalists.

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Jill Cox-Cordova Talks Multimedia, Multi-platform Journalism

Senior Producer Jill Cox-Cordova of CNN.com shares her insight on becoming a well-rounded journalist, developing clear-cut resumes and living by a Y.E.S. philosophy.

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